5 Daily Carpet and Rug Care Tips

Carpet and Rug Care Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Investment

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Every homeowner knows the importance of always keeping the space looking good. Dirty rugs can conspicuously alter the way your space is perceived by others. Rugs and carpets should last several years before needing to be replaced. If you want your rug to last longer, consider these 5 simple carpet and rug care tips that can help to prolong the life of your carpets and area rugs.

1. Avoid Wearing Shoes Inside

The first carpet and rug care tip is to make a habit of removing shoes before you enter your house. This will stop you from accidentally bringing dirt onto the carpet. Dirt has a habit of working its way through the fibers of your rugs and carpet and invading the backing and padding. The less dirt you bring in from outside, the more your rug stays clean.

2. Vacuum Rugs and Carpets Regularly

Make sure you vacuum your carpet on a regular basis - at least twice a week. If your rugs and carpet face high traffic then they need to be vacuumed more often. It may take 2-3 passes to fully clean the rug. Remember to always vacuum in an overlapping pattern, and pull back slowly as you vacuum, as it's the reverse motion that applies most of the vacuuming force.

3. Quick Spot Cleaning of Rugs

If any spills occur on your rug or carpet, blot it up quickly. The longer the spillage remains on the rug, the more likely it will turn into a persistent stain. Eliminate spills by blotting up the liquid. Depending upon the type of spill, there are several methods you can go with to carefully lift as much of the stain as possible and blotting it clean. Repeat the process two or three times for best results. This is one of the most important rug care tips you need to keep in mind. Also, never try to scrub out a spill. Scrubbing will damage the integrity of the fibers and set in the stain.

4. Try to Keep Heavy Furniture Off of Rugs

Avoid wear and tear by avoiding placing heavy furniture on your rug. This is especially important with deep-pile rugs, which can show signs of wear quickly. Fluff the rug periodically to breathe life back into flattened fibers.

5. Professional Cleaning For Your Rugs and Carpet

If you own an expensive, treasured rug, get it professionally cleaned at least once every years. This will help to prolong the life of the rug. Professional rug cleaners know which method and solutions to use on various fabrics, and will make sure that your rug comes back bright and refreshed, restoring the life to the fibers and the backing.

These were the top 5 basic carpet and rug care tips that you should consider doing on a regular basis to prolong the life of your treasured rugs and carpet. To know more about rug care tips or if you need professional help for your rugs and carpet, please call our professionals at 818-263-9314.

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