Choosing Professional Area Rug Cleaning

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Choosing Professional Area Rug Cleaning

Professional Area Rug Cleaning

When you notice your rugs looking dark and dingy, reach out and hire a professional area rug cleaning service.

Los Angeles is a city with a lot to see and even more to do. With so many beautiful places to spend your days, it’s no wonder this is one of the most popular cities in the world. Especially during the warm weather, many folks like to spend the day outdoors, enjoying a picnic, or taking advantage of the many available outdoor activities.

Coming home even after such an enjoyable day is a reprieve, a time to rest and recharge. What we don’t notice, unfortunately, is the amount of mud, soil, dust, and other pollutants we track in our homes and onto our rugs.

Is Professional Rug Cleaning Better Compared To DIY?

The simple, straightforward answer is: Yes, professional rug cleaning services are a better option than any DIY, for many reasons. Area rugs, for one, vary greatly from one to the other. What may work for the fibers of a machine-made rug may not work for the natural fibers of an organic rug.

Experts have years of experience dealing with many area rug cleaning issues. They know the exact solution for your rug cleaning or repair problem. Also, professionals are well-equipped with the latest cleaning equipment.

Depending on the issue, they choose an effective cleaning technique to get clean and healthy area rugs. Approaching the best area rug cleaners in California can make a huge difference in your overall property’s aesthetic appeal.

Imagine Mr. Floofles, your mischievous Ferret, knocked over a cup of coffee onto your area rug. A quick search will find a plethora of possible procedures to follow. The procedures include anything from mixing things in your cabinet to purchasing products from the store. Many people, when dealing with this situation, will immediately reach for their store-brand spot cleaner. This is where things get tricky.

If the first cleaning product doesn’t work, some people will keep trying others without rinsing the rug in between. These chemicals, while safe individually, may interact on the rug and mix into a harsh chemical that can dye or even burn the rug fibers.

Some people may have stopped after the first product, but they forgot or didn’t know to rinse the rug. Many of these products, when left on the rug, can cause staining and damage.

Possibly, a portable carpet cleaner was used to rinse the area. Experience tells us to perform several dry passes to pull as much excess water from the rug as possible. If the rug is left too wet and isn’t able to properly dry out, this can lead to the growth of mold or mildew.

Experts have both the experience and necessary tools to properly clean and treat each different type of rug. They know what cleaning solutions will handle specific spots and stains, like pet stains or spilled coffee. With the equipment and tools they have at their disposal, they will be able to provide the best cleaning in a fraction of the time DIY methods might take.

What Are The Steps Involved In The Rug Cleaning Process?

So, from many perspectives, hiring professional area rug cleaning services is more beneficial than DIY techniques. However, in an emergency, here are some cleaning methods you can use to deal with spills on your area rugs.


Regular vacuuming can help you maintain the long-lasting beautiful appeal of area rugs. It removes the upper layer of dust, soil, and other food particles from the rugs. This is one of the best things you can do to maintain the appearance of any surface in your home, especially rugs and carpets. However, it is not an effective way of deep cleaning rugs as professionals do.

Correct Cleaning Techniques

Depending on the rug material and stains, the experts will be able to tell you which cleaning method will provide the safest deep clean. Typically, there are three types of professional area rug cleaning methods including hot water extraction (or steam cleaning), gentle hand cleaning, and encapsulation. All three methods are beneficial, but one may be more suitable for one type of rug over another. All 3 are beneficial in their own way to make your area rug sparkling clean.

Another rug characteristic to consider is the color and color fastness. Warm water, for example, can cause some dyes to bleed across the fibers of an organic weave. The best area rug cleaners will be able to deep clean the rugs and maintain the integrity of the colors

Brushing and Stain Treatment

When cleaned at a facility, rug cleaning technicians may treat each spot individually. Each spot is different, and various methods may find success in removing a stubborn stain. Carpet shampoo may even be used during this phase


professional Area rug cleaning

The drying technique is the ultimate way to keep your rugs free of moisture. As mentioned previously, The presence of moisture can cause mold or growth. Therefore, professionals may use a dehumidifier or rug drying fan to remove excess moisture. If the cleaning is performed at a special facility, your carpet may even be carefully hung, to allow airflow through all of the fibers. This is especially important for high-pile rugs, thick weaves, and natural fibers. Wool rugs, for example, will benefit from dedicated drying time.

Final Inspection

rug inspection

After the drying process, there will be a final inspection to check for any spots or stains, or dust on the rugs. This is because many times the stains proved to be deep in the fibers and difficult to remove. This final step may also include a final vacuuming, raking, or brushing with a natural rubber broom to lift the fibers and soften the rug.

Hiring a professional rug cleaning service may seem like a daunting task, but the most important thing is that you are comfortable with the team. You are trusting them with an important piece of your style and your home. If you want to hire a professional area rug cleaning service provider, then JP Carpet and Floor Care is the best choice. From offering tips on how to fix a braided rug to advice on how to clean a wool rug in an eco-friendly way, we cover all. Call us at (818) 263 9314 or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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