Signs It’s Time for Stone Restoration

Signs It’s Time for Stone Restoration

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Polishing your home’s natural stone is probably the last thing on your mind when it comes to cleaning and maintaining things in your home. There are appliances to take care of, yard work to do, and life to juggle. But when it comes to the stone surfaces in your home, if you neglect them, they can start to lose their shine. When it gets to that point you might even think it would be easier to replace the stone altogether. Before you spend the money to replace that marble countertop or terrazzo entryway, consider the following information on stone restoration and see if you change your mind.

Types of Stone and Signs of Stone Restoration


Marble is one of the most luxurious natural stone and popular in design material for homes. It’s also one of the most robust stones that can last almost forever if properly cleaned and maintained. Marble needs to be frequently cleaned due to the fact that it is porous and easily stained. It also needs to be maintained over time by using polish and sealer.

Since marble is a natural stone and has veins in it due to iron content, it reacts differently when exposed to different elements, like water. Over time, if you don’t reseal the surface, rust can occur and can damage the appearance of the marble. Professionals like JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care can come in and polish and reseal the marble in a day or two when something like this would probably take you days or weeks to do on your own.

Saltillo tile

This terracotta material has been used by civilizations for thousands of years. In fact, even though there have been tons of technological advancement in Mexican hand-made terracotta, the Saltillo tiles are still the most popular amongst builders, designers, and consumers. But Saltillo tile actually takes a bit of work to maintain properly. There is no glaze on the top, so that makes preservation an even more difficult task.

Once this tile is laid, it is easily scuffed and scratched. This is why it’s important to seal it with a quality sealant from the beginning. The thing is, that most people don’t maintain the sealant over time, which needs to be done. There are several things you can do to test if your Saltillo tile needs to be sealed again, but the best thing would be to call an experienced stone restoration company and have them take care of it.


There are two kinds of terrazzo flooring, epoxy terrazzo, and cementitious terrazzo. Epoxy terrazzo is what is popular because of the range of colors, fast installation, and it’s finishing but is best for indoors. Epoxy based terrazzo will lose its color and chip over time if used outside, so in an outdoor setting, it would be best to use the cementitious terrazzo.

Determining when it’s time to restore your terrazzo flooring will largely be based on cracking, which is usually caused by the foundation that the terrazzo was laid on, not in the terrazzo material itself. Restoring terrazzo can be difficult and sometimes leads to the replacement of cracked sections altogether. Definitely bring in experts when handling the restoration or replacement of terrazzo flooring.


This stone is mostly used for paving patios, garden paths, and some indoor tiling applications. Travertine is characterized by pitted holes and troughs in the surface and throughout the stone. While this is the natural look of the rock, over time it can show signs of wear and tear that are quite unappealing. When the effects of time take their toll on your travertine tile, bring in someone to polish it, repair major pits and holes, and get it looking up to your standards again.

Natural Stone Restoration in Los Angeles

JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care can take care of all your stone restoration needs in Los Angeles. With years of experience restoring marble, terrazzo, travertine and Saltillo tile come to us first before you decide to replace your precious stone. A majority of the time, one visit from us will cause people to think twice about replacing their stone, and bring us on to help them maintain it! Contact us today at 818-263-9314 to get the best stone restoration services in the San Fernando Valley.