Average Cost of Shower Regrouting

Average Cost of Shower Regrouting

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One of the most important things you can do in your shower space is to regrout the tile. It is not always necessary to replace tile flooring.

Regrouting prevents your shower from failing and causing excessive damage to your home. It is a very hard task to accomplish, so hiring a professional regrouting expert is inevitable.


Before hiring any professional it is vital to have knowledge about the average cost to get shower regrouted. This helps to avoid any hidden charges and also set your budget accordingly.

Here in this blog, you will get to know about the cost of regrouting a shower.

Average Cost to Get Your Shower Regrouted

Don’t let your tile regrouting budget go over-hand by hidden surprises. Know below the cost to regrout the shower tile.

On average, the cost to get a shower regrouted by a professional is $10 and $25 per square foot or more. This cost includes materials and labor.

However, the cost of regrouting also depends upon the shower area. Generally, in Los Angeles, a home has 32 inches by 32 inches of the square shower and a rectangular shower is usually 36 by 48 inches long.

The cost of a 32-inch X 32-inch shower (7-foot height) with two sides having tiles ranges between $373.80 to $934.50. Whereas, the shower area with three sides can cost you $560.70 to $1401.75

If you have a rectangular shower of 36-inch X 48-inch, then the average cost ranges is $700 to $1,750. So, set your budget for regrouting according to your shower area having tiles.

Get the Affordable Regrouting Service

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