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Average Cost To Regrout Shower

Average Cost to Regrout a Shower

If you have found this page, then it’s likely you’re looking for ways to revamp or update a tiled space in your home. You’ve stumbled across the right page then! Tile restoration and certain renovation projects may lead you to the word “regrouting.” What is it and why should you consider it? And what is the average cost of shower regrouting?

Regrouting is the term used to refer to the process where the grout is removed from between the tiles and replaced with new tiles. You may have this service performed if there is a leak in your shower, cracks in the grout, or simply put: cleaning just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Regrouting prevents your shower from failing and causing excessive damage to your home through leaks and traveling water. That said, regrouting can be a time-consuming and difficult task, especially if you don’t have the experience or appropriate tools. Knowing what to look for when hiring a professional regrouting service is key.

One of the most important things you can do in your shower space is to regrout the tile. It is not always necessary to replace tile flooring.

Regrouting prevents your shower from failing and causing excessive damage to your home. It is a very hard task to accomplish, so hiring a professional regrouting expert is inevitable.

Before hiring any professional it is vital to have knowledge about the average cost to get a shower regrouted. This helps to avoid any hidden charges and also sets your budget accordingly. This will help you understand how closely that budget compares to the average cost to get a shower regrouted, and what exactly goes into determining that price.

Here in this blog, you will get to know about the cost of regrouting a shower.

Average Cost to Get Your Shower Regrouted

Don’t let your tile regrouting budget go over-hand by hidden surprises. Don’t lose control of your budget to minutiae either. There are many things that are considered when bidding on this kind of service. As well all know, prices vary by location and even by zip code, so don’t be alarmed if there seems to be a discrepancy between the average regrouting cost in Los Angeles compared to Fort Worth. Keep reading below the cost to regrout the shower tile.

Try to answer the following questions, or have the answers on hand before reaching out to a service.

  1. Is the work area floor tile, wall tile, or countertop tile?
  2. What is the square footage of the space?
  3. Is it indoors or outdoors?
  4. Is there access for the technician to perform the work?
  5. What is the size of the tile and the grout lines?
  6. What type of tile are you working with? Are the tiles natural stone, ceramic, or porcelain?
  7. What type of grout is to be removed?
  8. What type of grout is to be installed?
  9. Is the regrouting meant to fix any specific problems?

From this list of questions, which is by no means exhaustive, you can see why it might be difficult to truly find a quick online answer to “How much does regrouting cost?”, especially when you begin factoring labor costs and material costs.

The following numbers are used for example purposes only. If you are trying to measure your shower, kitchen, or bathroom, please review the following exercise.

The cost of regrouting depends upon the shower area, kitchen area, or bathroom space. Working only with the shower for now, consider a standard 3X3 stand-up shower. This kind of shower has a tiled floor and 3 walls tiled 7 feet up. Calculate the total square footage as follows:

Floor: 3ft x 3ft = 9sqft

Walls: 3ft x 7ft = 21sqft x 3 = 63sqft

Total: 71 sqft

Now consider the type of tile in the shower. The average price can vary depending on the size of the grout lines, the size of the tile and the type of grout to be removed, as mentioned above. Expect prices to range from $12 per square foot to $30 per square foot. Smaller tiles with wider grout lines will be more time-consuming than large tiles with slim grout lines.

At this point, you have the total square footage and the average cost range to regrout a shower in Los Angeles.

Low: 71sqft * $12/sqft = $852

High: 71sqft * $30/sqft = $2130

Before panicking at the high value, consider your shower and the list of questions provided. This range is simply a guide to help you determine an appropriate budget. Consult with a professional tile regrouting service for exact pricing as some companies charge per hour, or per the scope of work.

Below is another example, for your perusal. (This article has been updated. The information below may be outdated – 1/12/2023)

On average, the cost to get a shower regrouted by a professional is $10 and $25 per square foot or more. This cost includes materials and labor.

However, the cost of regrouting also depends upon the shower area. Generally, in Los Angeles, a home has 32 inches by 32 inches of the square shower and a rectangular shower is usually 36 by 48 inches long.

The cost of a 32-inch X 32-inch shower (7-foot height) with two sides having tiles ranges between $373.80 to $934.50. Whereas, the shower area with three sides can cost you $560.70 to $1401.75

If you have a rectangular shower of 36-inch X 48-inch, then the average cost ranges is $700 to $1,750. So, set your budget for regrouting according to your shower area having tiles.

Get the Affordable Regrouting Service

Knowing the average cost to get a shower regrouted if you want to hire a professional, then JP Carpet and Floor Care is your definite choice. We help you in regrouting to revive the beauty of your shower tile. Our regrouting service is affordable and available in Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas. Call us at (818) 263 9314 or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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