What Is Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning?

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What Is Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning?

Facts That No One Tells You About Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care provides a special type of carpet cleaning service called Encapsulation Cleaning. It is also known as Low Moisture Cleaning. Low moisture carpet cleaning uses a specific, polymer-based detergent, that dries down to a non-sticky substance. Encapsulation detergent can be used with the steam cleaning system but is more typically incorporated into dry cleaning.

How is The Encapsulation Method Performed with Low Moisture?

Usually, when encapsulation is used with a low moisture cleaning regime, it is either shower fed or sprayed onto the carpet. A power-driven means of agitation brings the encapsulating cleanser into contact with the soil in the carpet, eventually, separating it from the fibers.

Which VLM Method is Ideal to Remove Soil?

There are a lot of ways through which Low moisture encapsulation can be performed. One way is by using bonnets. Bonnets are a type of fabric pad, they have both the properties of scrubbing and absorbing. When the encapsulation method is performed using bonnets, the detergent is brought into contact with the soil and scrubbed. It is at this time some of the unwanted particles are absorbed and removed.

Encapsulation can also be performed using non-absorbing scrubbing brushes and pads. Here, the soil is scrubbed into the solution and the solution is left in the carpet to dry. The encapsulated soil is eliminated finally through regular vacuuming.

If Encapsulated Soil is Still in The Carpet, Does it Look Clean?

Providing the soil load has not reached the carpet padding, and the soil type is compatible with the detergent, the answer is yes – the carpet does look clean. Actually, the soil is brought into contact with the detergent and distributes itself over a large volume of carpet. The reduction in soil intensity in any given area is of the reasons the carpet looks immediately clean. The encapsulating detergent containing polymers helps to repair scratches on the fiber which makes the carpet look dull, and has a crystalline structure that reflects light.

So, the soil is still on the carpet after cleaning?

True, but it is wrapped in a very granular polymer coating, and distributed in such a way that you cannot see it. Vacuuming will definitely remove the dried-up polymer.

What Advantages Does Encapsulation Offer?

The great thing about encapsulation is that it allows cleaning in large areas very quickly and efficiently. Moreover, there is very little water used when compared to hot-water extraction, and in some cases, the residual polymer provides some protection and barrier to future soiling.

In what instance would you use (or not use) encapsulation?

Very low moisture encapsulation cleaning was designed for commercial carpet cleaning, where carpets need frequent cleaning and vacuuming due to extreme foot traffic. Deep spills and soils are not addressed as well with encapsulation and encapsulation is not suitable for removing blood, urine, feces, or vomit from the carpet. Within a residence, the soil and stains we encounter in most cases require extraction cleaning. In most cases, residential carpets are better suited to deep extraction cleaning, although there are some exceptions to this.

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