How To Regrout Tile Floor?

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How To Regrout Tile Floor?

How to regrout tile floors

If you are not taking care of your tile flooring, then you could end up spending a huge amount of money on tile replacement. To save both time and money it becomes essential to regrout tile floors when necessary.

But, what does regrouting mean and how do you regrout tile floors?

Regrouting means replacing or fixing the grout lining between the tile floors. It makes a huge difference years after the tile installation process.

Is Regrouting Worth It?

It is vital to keep your grout in good condition to prevent damage to the underlying layer behind the tile. Grout can remain for a long time until it is subjected to a lot of movement or water.

If your tile floor grout is cracked or missing, then regrouting or replacing grout in floor tiles becomes indispensable. This is because waiting for a long time can cause damage to your tile floor and cost you more money in the future.

How to Refresh Grout in Floor Tiles?

The first thing you have to do is remove old grout. Here you need a continuous source of water when you regrout your tile floor. After this, place the saw or other blade of your choice in your grout line and start sawing back and forth.

As a result, the old grout will turn into powder and comes out of the grout line. Vacuum up the debris and old grout particles. Now you can start applying a new coat of grout and if you choose, also mix latex additive into the new grout to make it more durable.

Clean and polish the tile floor once you finish the regrouting process. Let the grout set up for approximately 20-25 minutes until the film develops over the tile.

This way you can also regrout and seal a shower or a tile in the kitchen.

Want Perfection On Regrouting Tile Floor?

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