Secrets of Tile Regrouting Service

The Secret of Tile Regrouting Service

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Grout is the lining between two tiles where bacteria and dust accumulates. It is essential to clean the grout on regular intervals to avoid long-term damage to tile flooring. The concept till here everybody knows, but what if the tiles have cracked lines? The secret to restoring your tile and grout without replacement is “Regrouting.”

What is Regrouting ?

Regrouting is a cost-effective method to extend the lifespan of your old tile flooring. Tile regrouting service is the ultimate way to enhance the appearance of your tile floor without the worry of total replacement. Regrouting is an asset to anyone looking to beautify their home.


When Is The Right Time For Regrouting?

There is no fixed time for tile regrouting. However, if you observe any one of the following signs, then it becomes necessary to hire the professional regrouting service provider.

  • Missing, stained, or damaged grout lines
  • Cracks or Damages from Settling
  • Calcium Deposit Removal
  • Soap Scum Removal
  • Mismatched Grout
  • Blackening Grout
  • Tile Repair
  • Process Involved in Tile Regrouting Services

    Step1: First, professionals inspect the condition of tile and grout, then begin with the right strategy to clean old tile flooring.

    Step2: Selecting the right method and using the grout saw, the team begins with removing old grout from the tile flooring. The removal is done deep just about half of the tile height.

    Step3: Prepare the grout by adding sealer to the compound. Continuous stiring of the mixture, so it doesn’t dry.

    Step4: To apply the grout, professionals pour the mixture between the two tile lining. Contractors apply grout sealant to protect tile and grout.

    What is the average cost to Regrout Tile?

    Approximately $410 is what customers are paying for tile grouting service. The rate may vary depending upon the number tile floor you want to regrout. If you are looking for the best regrouting service provider offering reasonable prices, then JP Carpet and Floor Care is your one-stop-shop for all your tile cleaning regrouting needs. For more details about tile regrouting, contact us at (818) 263 9314 or follow us on Facebook & Twitter.