FAQ: Water Damage Restoration Services

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FAQ: Water Damage Restoration Services

Water damage in your home can be a natural disaster or a plumbing issue. Yes, usually water damages occur at the home because of flooding or leakage in appliances due to lack of maintenance. When people face water damage in the home, they need to quickly look for professional water damage restoration services and they also need to coordinate with the insurance company, these task becomes daunting.

Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of common questions we get that can be helpful for you. If you need an expert to come out to offer advice and free inspection and quote.

What Is The First Thing To Do When I Have Water Damage?

The very first thing you need to do is to call the water damage restoration services team. Until the team arrives dry out the water as much as possible using cloths and mops. Moreover, make sure all valuables and materials are removed from the water.

If there is furniture, place some aluminum or wooden blocks under the legs of the tables and chairs to avoid damage. Turn on the portable fans and open all the windows to dehumidify the room.

When Should I Call The Insurance Company?

Generally, when we arrive at the spot, we offer a free inspection and quote. From there, if you want to move forward with the company we will reach out to your insurance directly to deal with all the repairs and details. Once we reach out to your insurance company, they may contact you for further details and possibly to have an adjuster come out to inspect the damage and repairs that are essential.

How Much Will The Water Damage Repairs Cost?

The water damage repair cost varies on various scopes of the water damage and how much of the area has been affected. After we come to inspect the damage and take all the necessary measurements and specs, we send that over to your insurance to get an estimate of the cost.

How Much Will The Insurance Cover?

Actually, it totally depends on your insurance company. All in all, most insurance companies will cover all the costs while the customer only covers the deductible. We work with your insurance company directly for the costs of all repairs and we never give our customers any unexpected fees.

Certainly, there are many insurance companies that have a list of vendors they work with but you can absolutely choose a different contractor at your discretion. In fact, many contractors also vary in the amount of work they are able to complete. So you should check with your insurance company regarding this.

Many of them can do water damage mitigation but are not capable of remodeling and building back. If you work with JP Carpet Expert and Floor Care, we are here to help with the water damage to the remodel. We handle all the details and ensure the job is completed to your satisfaction.

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These were the most Frequently Asked Questions related to water damage restoration services.

Get in touch with the experts at JP Carpet and Expert Floor Care to know more about water damage restoration in Sherman Oaks and nearby areas. You can call us at (818) 263 9314 for booking and FREE quotes.

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