Tips To Remove Sticky Residue From Wood Floor

Tips To Remove Sticky Residue From Wood Floor

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What if when you are walking on the wood floors and something sticky gets into your foot? It’s irritating right! Keep yourself away from this kind of experience, implementing these tips to remove sticky residue from wood floor.

How To Remove Sticky Residue From Wood Flooring?

First, sweep the floor to remove surface debris, then mop. Most of the wood floors are cleaned using a sponge or cotton mop.

Start preparing a homemade wood floor cleaner by taking 1 cup of vinegar and a gallon of water in the bucket.

Soak the mop into the solution of vinegar and water. Squeeze to remove excess liquid. Then, mop up the sticky area slowly until the area is clean. Let the surface air dry for a few minutes.

The above technique is normally used for any kind of sticky residue on wood flooring. But for more stubborn stains of chewing gum, the special cleaning method is used. Let us observe!


How to Get Gum Off Hardwood Floors?

To remove chewing gum stain on the wood floor, the best idea is to use cooking oil. Take the paper towel and dab into the cooking oil. Put the paper towel on top of the spot and wait until the oil works to dissolve stubborn gum.

Finally, take away the towel and scrub away the sticker residue using a plastic scraper. Here it is necessary to be very careful as many oils can stain absorbent materials.

Therefore, before using oil, test it on an unnoticeable part of the object. Implement this method only if the oil leaves no marks on your wood flooring.

Some Rules To Remove Stain From Wood Floor

  • W — Always clean with water-based products. For example, mild detergent.
  • S — Wash the surface with a gentle waterless dry-cleaning product.
  • WS — Use either detergent or dry-cleaning solution.
  • X — Never do-it-yourself. Only hire professionals to do the job.
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