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regular-wood-floor-maintenanceAug 5

How To Clean Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floor is one of the great flooring investments you can do in your home to boost up appearance. However, due to daily foot traffic by humans and your furry friends, your hardwood floors wear out. Hence, learning...

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Regrouting-tile-repair-stone-restorationJuly 24

The Secret Of Tile Regrouting Service

Grout is the lining between two tiles where bacteria and dust accumulates. It is essential to clean the grout on regular intervals to avoid long-term damage to tile flooring. The concept till here everybody knows, but what if the tiles have...

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02 ju1

Pet Safe Hardwood Cleaning for Your Home

A house is never lonely where your dog waits. This is not just a cute thing to say but a feeling every pet owner understands. Nevertheless, where there is a pet, there is the daily cleaning...

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carpet-cleaning-woodland-hills-ketchup-spillJune 24

How To Get Ketchup Out of Carpet

Ketchup is great with french fries and hot dogs, but not so great on the carpet. Ketchup, barbecue sauce, and pasta sauce stains on your carpet can become common if you tend to eat while sitting on the couch or carpet. If you have ketchup stains on the carpet and are searching for tips on how toget ketchup out of carpet, no worries! Our professionals...

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wool-area-rug-cleaning-costJune 12

How to Clean a Wool Area Rug in an Eco-Friendly Way

Wool rugs are more costly than other types of area rug in that they have certain natural characteristics like crush resistance, resilience, and durability, that other rugs do not have. Also, they are moderately resistant to stains like foot traffic, spills, dirt, and dust. With regular cleaning, you can maintain the color and cleanliness in your wool rug. But how do you clean a wool rug using eco-friendly

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5 jun

Essential Tips From A Water Damage Restoration Company When Pipe Bursts

A pipe burst at midnight can’t be a convenient situation. In fact, it can affect and panic many people who never dealt with it before. What do you do when a water pipe suddenly bursts...

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area-rug-cleaning-restorationMay 22

Carpet and Rug Care Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Investment

Every homeowner knows the importance of always keeping the space looking good. Dirty rugs can conspicuously alter the way your space is perceived by others. Rugs and carpets should last several years before...

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why-green-carpet-cleaningMay 10

What is Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning?

JP Carpet Expert & Floor Care provides a special type of carpet cleaning service called Encapsulation Cleaning. It is also known as Low Moisture Cleaning. Low moisture carpet cleaning uses a specific, polymer-based...

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why-green-carpet-cleaningMay 2

Why Choose Green Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet undergoes a lot of abuse every year. From pet dander, spills, dust contaminants to mites gets accumulated into carpet fibers. This can...

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3 sep

Hardwood Floor Care Tips

Genuine hardwood floors aren’t as easy to come by these days with all of the vinyl substitutes out there. But

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27 mar

2019 Average Cost of Water Damage

Nothing can be worse than coming back to your home flooded with water. Water damage is a hazardous accident that put both...

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