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Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery steam cleaning is a professional cleaning service that clean and sanitizes the upholstered furniture in your home. This sounds a little complicated, but in truth is quite simple. Using a variety of different techniques and products, the crew or technician will clean and sanitize your furniture, leaving them fresh and healthy. 

As with carpet, the fibers in your upholstery attract dust, dirt, and other unsavory microbes. Every time we sit down, we upend these particles, releasing them back into the air for you to breathe in. Sometimes, this can make allergies worse, trigger respiratory issues, or skin problems. 

Upholstery cleaning is one of the easiest ways to clean and sanitize your space. 

Upholstery steam cleaning

It is important to employ the proper steam cleaning methods for your upholstered furniture. Our method is designed to deliver professional upholstery cleaning to all of our customers. Our process is as follows:

  • Inspection to determine: material, condition, color-fastness, and stains
  • Pre-treat stains and heavily soiled areas with our non-toxic cleaning solution
  • Gently brush the fabric to loosen stains and soil
  • Steam cleaning (hot water extraction)

Get the best upholstery cleaning in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley!

Choosing the right company for upholstery cleaning is no small decision. At JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care, we are trained to steam clean and care for all fabric types: microfiber, cotton, Haitian cotton, blends, synthetic fabrics, and many more. Get a fresh start, and restore the beauty of your favorite upholstered furniture! We offer sofa cleaning, love seat steam cleaning, recliner steaming, ottoman cleaning, dining chair set steam cleaning, outdoor furniture cleaning, and even curtain steaming. If you can think of a piece of furniture, we can clean it!

Our steam cleaning technicians are equipped with the best selection of cleaning products and tools. We have carefully selected cleaning solutions that will revive your furniture while still being environmentally friendly, so it is safe for your whole family! Your upholstered furniture will be renewed.

When it comes to cost, we’ve put together some information to help you break down the cost of professional upholstery cleaning. And, of course, we always guarantee 110% effort into every piece of furniture we clean.

Dining room chair cleaning
Upholstery cleaning recliner
Chair upholstery cleaning
Upholstery cleaning a couch
Upholstery steam cleaning cushions
Chair upholstery cleaning

What about Fabric Sealer for my Upholstery?

We also offer fabric protection, similar to carpet sealer, for your upholstered furniture. This protection can be applied, if you wish, at the time of service. This fabric sealant can help to protect your furniture from future spills and stains. Even if it’s a brand-new couch or recliner, give us a call to have it sealed, if only to protect your investment for years to come. Similarly, we exercise the utmost care and professionalism to make sure that you, our valued customer, are always satisfied.

JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care is a locally owned and operated furniture upholstery cleaning service. We provide the people of Los Angeles, California, and surrounding areas with high-quality upholstery steam cleaning services.