Marble Stone Restoration And Repair: The Ultimate Guide

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Marble Stone Restoration And Repair: The Ultimate Guide

Marble stone flooring is a popular floor covering that provides a striking look. To maintain the shine of stone flooring it is important to clean regularly, restore frequently, and repair the surface when it becomes damaged. But, what does it cost to restore and polish the marble stone floors or countertops? Which is the best marble stone restoration and repair company?

All your questions are covered in this blog. This guideline is the ultimate solution to maintain the glory of your marble stone flooring for years.

What is Marble Stone Restoration?

Restoration means reviving the look of the stone, whether it is marble or granite, to its pre-damaged condition. It may also require changing your stone surface to match the desired finish.

Marble stone restoration is a process that can be done by a professional stone restoration and repair company. Thorough knowledge, the latest equipment, and experience are needed to obtain quality cleaning and restoration results.

Procedures Involved in Marble Stone Restoration

  1. Cleaning

Marble is softer than granite and requires careful hands for cleaning. Professionals use eco-friendly cleaning solutions to keep the originality of the marble stone. Always remember never to use vinegar to clean the marble as it is an acidic substance that can make your marble stone dull. Instead, clean it with pH-neutral dish soap with water.

2. Repairing

handheld oscillating tool with a grout removal blade is used to remove the dirty grout areas and damaged pieces of tile. Professionals often repair cracks in marble surfaces with a marble repair compound (similar to Bondo used for car repairs). Do not attempt massive resurfacing projects. Leave it to the professionals!

3. Honing

In high-traffic areas, marble flooring becomes dull because of stone erosion from the abrasion of sand or shoes. Honing is the process involving part repair and part polishing. Perform honing using abrasive stones or pads connected to the oscillating tool. After the honing process, your marble stone flooring has a smooth finish.

4. Polishing

First, apply marble cleansers such as Acetone. This helps remove much of the residue from daily use. Rinse the surface twice with clean water, and dry it completely. A professional will have the proper tools such as a floor buffer for marble floors or a handheld buffer for your counters. The beauty of the marble is that nothing really needs to be applied to the marble to bring out the shine, although an expert will know what compounds to use to make sure the shine is lasting. After polishing your marble stone surface will achieve a high and even gloss.

5. Sealing

Marble stone countertops in the kitchen become dull because of greasy or acidic substances such as ketchup or lemon juice. Here, sealing is the best way to protect them. Apply stone sealants to pores in the marble and protect the surface from damage.

Looking for Professional Marble Stone Restoration and Repair Services?

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